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Friday, February 27, 2015


New York Festivals


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FCC’s pirate crackdown continues.


Another day, two more pirate radio fines.  Together they add $55,000 to the bounty collected by the FCC, which has been aggressively policing South Florida for illegal stations.

The Enforcement Bureau hits Robens Cheriza with a stiff $20,000 fine after field agents determined his pirate station at 107.3 was causing interference to Palm Beach International Airport’s control tower.  Cheriza admitted to operating the unlicensed station from his residence for about a month.  The FCC doubled the base $10,000 fine since Cheriza’s station put aircraft at risk.

In the second case an even tougher $25,000 fine is levied against Fort Lauderdale pirate Whisler Fleurinor.  Agents say his illegal station at 99.5 wasn’t the first pirate station he put on the air. Fleurinor was previously cited by the FCC for operating an illegal station in 2008.  That repeat offender status earned him an extra $15,000 penalty.


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