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Music consumers more likely to be heavy radio users.


Another study links heavy radio exposure with music purchasing. Consumers who have purchased CDs or downloaded music in the past four weeks are 8% more likely to be a heavy radio listener, according to a recent report from The Media Audit. The study, which polled consumers in 81 U.S. cities, defined heavy exposure to radio as having listened for three or more hours in a typical day.

Among all U.S. consumers, 27.7% have purchased CDs or downloaded music from the internet within the past four weeks, a figure that represents more than 41 million consumers across The Media Audit's 81 measured markets. Last year was the first year that the industry saw digital music sales eclipse the physical sale of music.  Both males and females purchase or download music equally, however, a greater percent of music buyers are under the age of 50. Among all music buyers, 77% are aged 18-49, a demo that buys music at a rate 32% higher when compared to the general market. However consumers over the age of 50 are almost half as likely to buy or download music.  Among those most heavily invested in CDs or downloaded music are those aged 18-34. According to the study, 41% of 18-34 year-olds regularly purchase or download music from the internet in a typical four-week period.

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