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Milestone moment as radio overtakes newspaper.


In a historic crossing of revenue trend lines, for first time the radio industry was larger than the newspaper industry in terms of revenue last year.  Eight consecutive years of declines for newspapers are to blame.  The Newspaper Association of America reports total revenue fell 9% to $17.3 billion.  That’s $349 million below what radio logged last year in what turned out to be a flat year for broadcasters.

The Radio Advertising Bureau says total radio revenue was $17.6 billion in 2013, lagging only TV, the internet, and magazines.  Newspaper revenue peaked at $47.4 billion in 2005.  The industry’s latest figure puts it on par with what newspapers billed in 1982 according to analysts.

If there was a bright spot for publishers it’s digital revenue, which increased 1.5% last year.  By comparison, radio’s digital revenue grew 16% according to the RAB.

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