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Monday, March 2, 2015


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DAVE AND JIMMY Real Life Stories!

Monday, April 23, 2012 | THE BLUE PAGE

DAVE AND JIMMY - Real Life Stories! 

Real life stories seem born from middle-America.

"Normal" day-to-day experiences happen in places like Columbus, Ohio, and that’s a big part of what makes THE DAVE AND JIMMY SHOW a winner in the morning.

For over 20 years, DAVE & JIMMY and their morning crew have been the dominant morning show on WNCI-FM Columbus, and the fact that the guys are entrenched in the crossroads of the country is just one of the not-so-secret weapons in The Dave & Jimmy Show programming arsenal. The duo, who are joined each morning by a great support staff including the very popular news anchor, Kelsey Webb, deliver some of the most relatable content on the radio dial.

"Our mandate every day is to give the listener an entertaining, enlightening and informative show," says Dave Kaelin, one-half of the consistently successful Dave & Jimmy team. "And if we can do that, we’ll win." Kaelin, along with partner Jimmy Jam continue to deliver the goods and have been winning for a long time. In fact, Dave & Jimmy are consistently #1 in their target demos, and that success dates back to 1990 when they debuted as a team.

It was that #1 success at WNCI that led Dave & Jimmy into the world of national distribution for their show. And that #1 position seems to follow the guys wherever they go. Pennsylvania, Kansas, Kentucky, and of course, in their home state of Ohio, dominating mornings has become the norm.


So what else besides being relatable makes them winners?

It’s that radio instinct that can’t be taught… it is knowing what the audience wants, knowing what makes them tick and also what tickles their collective funny bone, and then bringing these elements to the table every morning.


Also not a mystery is the DAVE & JIMMY target audience.

While they hone in on a female target audience that’s roughly 25-35 years old, their entertainment value generates a broad spillover by both age and gender, jettisoning The Dave & Jimmy Show to the top among Adults 18-49.


Plus, DAVE & JIMMY share their toolbox with their affiliates.

In addition to delivering great, entertaining content daily, The Dave & Jimmy Show is structured so that AFFILIATES PLAY THEIR OWN MUSIC. That means that subtle differences in CHR playlists from station to station or Hot AC rotations that might vary by market don’t get in the way of making this particular morning show a success. Roughly 60% of The Dave & Jimmy Show hourly clock is given over to local content, so everything from music sweeps to weather, traffic and local ads can go right where the affiliate prefers. And while Hot AC and CHR seem to be the logical home formats for D&J, their flexible clock would allow any music station on board.

All of those factors are BIG according to Dan Lankford, Clear Channel’s VP/Regional Market Manager for five markets in Pennsylvania. Per Dan, "The Dave & Jimmy show has been a consistent ratings performer for Kiss-FM Harrisburg. The show allows us to schedule our own music, and they provide endless custom liners. Dave & Jimmy are great programming partners!"


Has it been fun for DAVE & JIMMY?

You bet! And that includes the time last year when they were thrust into the international spotlight in aiding Ted Williams, the homeless announcer with the Golden Voice. Suddenly, network news cameras were in their studios, and the guys loved their moment to shine.

But with Dave & Jimmy, it’s not just about those "15 minutes of fame" moments. These are guys who are in the trenches doing fantastic radio every day. And when a GM from a market outside of Columbus takes a look at adding The Dave & Jimmy Show, they’re looking at the cream of the crop. After all, when you hire a gunslinger, you want someone who consistently hits their targets.

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New York Festivals

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